How to download 4raBet app on Android?

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4raBet pretty sufficient gaming provider for Indians with wonderful designed web-platform and ability to usage an additional equipment either. There are 2 things which made us pleasant while looking on the website — non-overloaded design with no adds and wide line on cricket which is also incredible.

Othervise, nowadays a huge part of players brace using their smartphones and tablets for playing process, how about that you may ask. It is not a problem, we would answer. 4raBet has has developed applications as well and we will discuss them in the current review, so you’ll feel free to download 4raBet apk file directly from us.

4raBet app can be caracterised as totally following the style and design of web-platform with extremely awesome navigation part. The downside menu allows you to swtich from different part of activities and see your current betslips, while main menu column, which can be alarmed by tapping on appropriate icon, would open for you such sections as

  • virtual football
  • football
  • futsal
  • basketball
  • table tennis
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • rugby
  • badminton
  • darts
  • poker
  • cybersports
  • trotting
  • UFC
  • and lovely cricket as well

This 4raBet app review would help you to decide are you need it and provide information how to get it. Our team recommends that you download the 1xBet app and not use the 4raBet bookmaker app.

Installation instruction of 4raBet app on Android

While you have 4rabet apk download file, it’s turn to install it. But you may faced on that stage some issue, that you phone will tell you that it is not permitted to download some strange programs from unfamiliar resources.

You should not nervous, it’s easy to overpass it. Just:

  1. Visit the settings of your device
  2. Move to «Security» and «Privacy»
  3. Permit downloading from anywhere
  4. Try one more time procceed it and enjoy the results

It is not supposed that some other difficulties might be appear, but if they would, try to overcome them with the same level of confidence.

How to download 4raBet mobile app on iOS?

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What? You’re proud user of Apple production? Gorgeous. You are also able to use the app for iOS platformed gadgets. What is more — there are a couple of apps presented, dependable on your purposes. The app directly for sports, for poker, for finance if you are an india wolf from Wall Street.

However, that might be happened a situation that you won’t find them in your AppStore.

Think that we were just kidding? What is not! Such issue may appears because in India officially gambling is restricted. So there is nothing to deal with it? Of course, there is a way out. Further we would describe it.

Installation instruction of 4raBet mobile app on iOS

4raBet App on the App Store

First you gonna do to make the 4rabet app appeared, you’ll change the region of presence in your Apple ID. In the end, you will have an opportunity to remain everything back, but by that time you will have the app on your phone already.

  1. So, go to the «Settings»
  2. Your profile
  3. «AppStore and iTunes»
  4. Apple ID and insert your password
  5. Find the «Country and region» and switch to another one (e.g. Cyprus)

Once proceed this step, try another time and it’s supposed to be availible in store. Changing everything back to its origin proceeded the same way.

4raBet app rating on the App Store

Mobile Version of 4raBet

Mobile version of 4raBet

Additionally, for the rest of users and for those one’s who are not in favor with applications, web-platform was shaped up to a pocket version. It does not matter what is your device screen resolution — it is transferible to any one.

For getting an access to the mobile-version of 4raBet just open the browser of device you’re using and visit the official website. All is gonna happened automatically.

Main differences between 4raBet Mobile App and Mobile Version

Obviously, the things which distinguish one platform from another can be counted by the fingers on your hand. Even if you hand has only 3 fingers.

The divergence is following:

  1. App is more safety which is reached by 2-factors authonification and Touch ID feature
  2. App is more convenient because you can turn on notification and won’t miss your favourite cricket team’s match
  3. App is used more by pro-players, so if you’re using it, you can be caracterised as a pro

System Requirements and Application Caracteristics for Android

Recommendations for 4raBet on Android​​​​​​

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Gambling
  • OS needed – Android 5.0 or higher
  • Size – 3.2MB
  • Release Date – 2020, January 18
  • Downloads – 100 000+

System Requirements and Application Caracteristics for iOS

Recommendations for 4raBet on iPhone

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Sports
  • Size – 18,6MB
  • Requirements for OS – iOS 12.0 or higher
  • Provider – «Innokentiy Ipatev»
  • Applicable devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

4raBet Registration

There’s nothing easier than to become an official member of the 4raBet app.

4rabet registration

Discover the details of this procedure below:

  1. Open the app (4raBet download and installation on your appliance have to precede this step);
  2. Click on the Sign Up button which will lead you to fill in the registration form;
  3. On the first step of the procedure, it is necessary to indicate email, come up with a passcode, state the currency you will stick to, and enter the promo codes in case you have those;
  4. Then, the second step of the whole process takes place. There, you ought to give info about yourself and provide the banking details;
  5. After this, you should verify the account you are opening. For this, the according link will be sent to the email you have mentioned.

When the last step took place, you are done! Pay attention to the fact that one user can create just one account. Besides, all the data you indicate in the sign-up form has to be real. You also may be asked to send some extra documents that will prove who you really are. The same things are done by the majority of such platforms to provide extra security.

How to Get a Bonus in the 4raBet App

4raBet apk gives you a chance to avail of plenty of nice bonus rewards.

4rabet bonus

The process of receiving them is illustrated clearly in the list below:

  • The most popular kind of gift the players aim to catch here is a welcome bonus. To obtain this one, you need to be a signed-up member of the resource and make the first deposit;
  • After this, you can count on receiving a 100% bonus up to 20000 INR (naturally, the real size of the present you are about to get depends on how big your initial deposit was);
  • If you wish to go for the rest of the bonuses that are suggested on the platform, you need to visit the section with the Promotion and see what is offered there;
  • After you have looked through all the selection of gifts and tournaments and studied the rules linked to them, it’s time to decide to which of them to stick to;
  • For many of them, you need to deposit a certain sum of money to participate in the activities of the casino or a sportsbook;
  • When you did it, claim the bonus. That’s it!

If you determined which bonus you wish to get in the 4raBet app but something goes wrong, you can always ask support for help.

Payment Methods in the Mobile App

In the 4raBet app, it is very easy to proceed with both deposits and withdrawals. Let’s see what you are going to face. The table below is going to be a big help in this!

Replenishing the account

Getting what you have earned here

UPI. This is a very convenient and fast method loved by Indians


Skrill and Neteller. These options are considered to be widespread among those who install the 4raBet apk as long as they are rather safe

Neteller and Skrill

Credit and debit cards. It’s odd to comment on this as long as these variants are popular not only in India but all over the world

Perfect Money

Bank transfers



The whole process of making the deposits and cashing the funds out is not linked to any issues. You just need to visit the section you need, state how much you wish to add or to get, and confirm all the details of the according operations. Check everything correctly before you complete the transaction. This will help you to avoid some problems. In case you cannot figure out how to make a deposit or withdraw the budget, feel free to message the support. They will surely help you.

Normally, both the deposits and withdrawals are processed rather quickly. The time of expecting may increase if the documents check is needed.

Hope all the info given here was clear and helpful for you!

Most common questions from 4raBet app users

🏏  Is 4raBet Mobile App free?

Absolutely. Have you heart that for all valuable it is need to pay for? It’s a hoax. For 4raBet it isn’t. 4raBet app download is costless (it may sounds imposibly, but that the true)

🏏  How to enter to 4raBet Mobile App?

Approximately the same how to enter to the matrix, but you wouldn’t need to choose the tablet, just to register in.

🏏  How to replenish the account in 4raBet Mobile App in India?

There is 3 option to choose:

  1. PayTM
  2. Skrill

For all the rest there is a Mastercard (or VISA)

🏏  How to make a bet with 4raBet Mobile App?

Smartly, responsibly, enjoyably.

🏏  How to withdrawal funds via 4raBet Mobile App?

The same way you deposit them or by one from the list in the third question answer

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  • Charlie Dodiya 05/13/21 15:20

    Download 4rabet apk and don't even think long! This is not an advertisement! I am a regular internet user and voluntarily downloaded their application. Compared to the top bookmakers, it is very good. Of course, there are a few things that the company could improve, but nothing critical!

  • Tabeed Krish 05/19/21 22:15

    Six months ago I downloaded the 4rabet app and use it almost every evening. Of course, my life did not turn upside down and I did not become a billionaire, but I managed to earn enough money to go on vacation to Patagonia with my brother. It was really cool. We had a great time

  • Durjoy 05/20/21 13:48


  • Azhar Bhagat 05/28/21 16:53

    I do not urge anyone to download 4rabet now, but it suited me in all respects

    The application has a very user-friendly interface, quick registration without copies of documents

    There are many withdrawal methods. Of course, you can use the same methods to make a deposit. All in all, a great app and an equally awesome site

  • Hassan Sampath 06/04/21 13:50

    If you are in doubt about 4rabet download, then this is a sign from above. Download and don't even hesitate! I downloaded a smartphone app for android about a month ago and still feel a kind of childish delight. Everything is so beautiful, comfortable and modern. Really cool design

  • Bharat Shere 06/16/21 14:43

    If not for my husband, I would never have known about the 4rabet download app. It was he who discovered this bookmaker and its gorgeous app for me. I have tried different bookmakers before, but none have won me over like this one

  • Manpreet Nadkarni 06/29/21 14:46

    I have mixed feelings about 4rabet download apk. I have not yet figured out if I like this bookmaker. On the one hand, nothing fancy, no unique features or particularly generous promotions. On the other hand, the design is very modern and the site is very convenient to use. I don’t know yet!

  • Jamshed Chandra Parekh 07/09/21 20:27

    A couple of friends told me about 4rabet. I didn’t know about this bookmaker before. Although I am generally not great at sports betting. I just sometimes like to bet on football or hockey, but I don't bother too much. I liked the site. They also have an app. I'll have to download it

  • Deepesh Zacharia 07/09/21 20:32

    Few have heard of 4rabet because it is a relatively new site. And of course it is a little scary to place bets on a platform that is not actively advertised. However, I took a chance and do not regret it at all. Very nice site, good sports offer, there are live bets. Everything you need for good wins

  • Nawab Chandra Chacko 07/26/21 16:17

    For me, 4rabet casino apk was a revelation. This is a little known but very handy and well thought out betting app. I hope this bookmaker does not deteriorate like many popular bookmakers and will only get better and better

  • Balaji Raj Mehan 08/19/21 20:18

    It might sound stupid, but I´ll ask, because you never know. Is there a chance to get more money and win more often, when using the 4raBet app? Or is it not important which platform to use for betting? I’ve heard that some mobile applications have higher odds, but maybe these are just rumours. Whether it is true or not, I still like this app very much, because it is one of the most convenient and fast of all the applications I’ve tried. By the way, if it wasn’t for this website and its review, I would never have an account in 4rabet, simply because I never heard of the bookmaker before

  • Rahim Dhillon 08/23/21 19:11

    Hello everyone! Are there any problems with withdrawing and depositing in the 4raBet mobile application? I almost always use the website via my laptop, but sometimes it is more convenient for me to use the app

    The thing is that I´ve never done any payments in the app and, frankly speaking, has doubts about it. Is the process the same as on the website

  • Parveen Master 08/30/21 19:26

    4raBet offers a thousand delightful opportunities to win and have fun, which makes you want to register there as soon as possible. Besides a great variety of sports and games, the bookmaker has many payment methods, including crypto currencies

    I would like to try bitcoin payments, but since I don't have one on my account at the moment, I remain faithful to paypal. It has already been several times I used it, and have nothing to complain about

  • Jagdish Krishnan 09/09/21 15:26

    Good bookmaker, I would say one of the best on the market. Besides, 4raBet has a great mobile app. After a few months of using it I haven't noticed any problems or bugs, all functions and notifications can be adapted to your preferences

    Although I use Android, a couple of my friends have the same app installed on their iPhones, and it is the same quality and level of comfort. Maybe 4rabet is not the most popular bookie in India, but it is certainly worth trying

  • Dhanush Rao 09/17/21 17:21

    I downloaded 4raBet apk on my smartphone, because I read an article on this website which was about this bookmaker, and I liked the review very much. It appears to be a very good online sports betting platform

    I still haven't found my perfect bookmaker, so I really hope that the 4raBet will meet my expectations. At first glance, this is a very good application, with bonuses, several ways to fund your account, and even live sports betting

  • Prabhat Badal 09/24/21 21:27

    My betting experience with the 4raBet app is very positive. I recommend it to all my friends. Although the website is very good as well, I still prefer the mobile app, because I don't want to sit in front of the computer all day or even a couple of hours just to know the outcome of my bet

    I really liked the app, although I have been using it for less than two months. I haven't made many bets yet, but the ones I have made have brought me good money

  • Eddie Khurana 10/11/21 15:39

    Super cool app, I downloaded it and placed a bet via my new account right away. Everything works just like on the site, and the process is clear even for beginners. I also like the way the withdrawal and deposit system works in the 4raBet mobile

    All payments are credited in a few seconds, regardless of the chosen method. Of course, if you decide to deposit cash into your account, you will have to wait a little longer. But there are no problems with electronic payment systems

  • Jagat Pandey 11/11/21 20:41

    I decided to download 4raBet application, because I love its offer for keno and casino fans. Currently, I share my computer with my brother and it is not always convenient, so it is great to have a mobile version of the platform in such circumstances

    I have been familiar with this bookmaker for a long time, so there was nothing new or surprising in the application for me. However, I still have to admit that the mobile app works very well and duplicates all the important features that I usually use on the official website

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    Hello everyone! Thanks to this website I found out that 4raBet apk for download is available on their web platform. Since I have an Android, I thought it was logical to look for the app on Google Play, but could not find it

    Later I was told that there are some restrictions. Anyway, I downloaded the apk and now can use the application without any trouble. The app is fantastic. Although it is similar to the mobile version of the website, it is much more convenient, because everything is kept on your account, like your betting history, payments, etc

  • Suresh Parvez Sinha 01/12/22 15:35

    My brother advised me to download 4raBet apk, but I couldn't find a working link anywhere

    There are many articles and reviews of this application on the net, but for some reason all of them offer fake links. Most of them just open the main page of the site and that's it

    Thank goodness on this site I found a direct link and downloaded the app. I already thought about placing bets on a platform for computers and laptops, but now, fortunately, I can use the mobile application wherever I am

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