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Dafabet can be caracterized as a Asia’s safest provider of gaming services. The service offers really extremely high level of safeness for their customers. It was established in 2004 with a Headquarters in Makati, Philippines. For the fairness of the company is responsible such institution as Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, which regulates the industry in Asian countries.

For the convenience of their customers, Dafabet has developed several mobile applications which would be described further. The Dafabet app has been subdivided into several sections dependable to the type of activities in. Overall, there are 4 of them:

  • Casino Mobile App
  • Poker Mobile App
  • Dafasports Mobile App
  • Dafa OW Sports Mobile App

In this review we will focus on sports wagering activities and estimate the apps for it. They represented in both variations for Android and iOS. Moreover, they can be installed directly through dafabet download from this website in form of .apk file.

The dafabet mobile app designed pretty common and completely follows up the website platform color palette with red-white-black colors in. It has quite rapid-to-navigate menu’s bar and a little bit overloaded interface, which can be distinguished as a disadvantage. However, another disadvantages hasn’t been highlighted.

How to install Dafabet Mobile App on Android?

When you save dafabet apk on your gadget, there might be appear an error issue. It would tell you that saving the file is not permitted, because the source has never been used before.

Handeling this challenge is simplier than you think and doesn’t require more then a few minutes of your valuable time to spend. Here’s info what you gonna do:

  1. Swing to «Settings» of your device
  2. Find the section connected with «Security/Privacy» and turn on it
  3. Have a brief look for the allowing saving files from anywhere (unknown resources including)
  4. Try one more time and enjoy finding the App in PlayMarket

Don’t worry, that procedure would not break your device or damage it. Of course, in case you won’t download some leery files simulateously with apk from our site.

How to download Dafabet Mobile App for iOS?

homepage in dafabet app on androidsports betting line in dafabet app on androidregistration in the dafabet app on android

In case Android gadgets it’s not your story and not about you, because you’re bracing production from Apple Inc. – you have not been forgotten either. The hardware is also availible to use via your iPhone or iPad (or even iPod touch in case you’re from 2013) and waiting until you give it a chance to entertein you.

Due to our test researchment, the app shows the ultimate performance and runs perfectly on the following products:

  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone Xr/iPhone Xs
  • iPhone 11/iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone SE
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad (the simplest one)

So you have bought a new one iPhone 11 Pro, wish to try wagering, visiting the AppStore in order to dafabet app download and make some profits, but detecting that it is prohibited in India and cannot be installed. What a great disappointment, what a spoiled day!

Really? No way!

How to install Dafabet Mobile App for iOS?

The reason for the fact that dafabet india app might be unpermitted connected with local Indian laws against online gaming. However, the laws created to bypassing them, right?

There is a simple method of overcoming this issue with changing the region’s geolocations of you Apple ID. Don’t worry, you would be able to change it back later and return to your native region with strict rules against gambling, but with Dafabet app in your phone. Who’d be the coolest Indian punter? Exactly, you would be! Listen up how to achieve it:

  1. Get up your device and find the «Settings»
  2. Open your profile tab which is the highest one (there also might be a profile picture with a hottie guy/girl in case you set it up)
  3. Find «AppStore and iTunes» bar and tap on it
  4. Move on to your Apple ID and don’t forget to write down your password
  5. See the «Coutry and Region» bar with India choosen? Change it to another one (e.g. Cyprus, the weather is nice there)
  6. Refresh your gadget and discover the world with no restrictions

When the procedure is done, you’d have a choice: return all back or stay in free world AppStore market. It’s up to you to device, the app would keep in your device whatever conditions.

Mobile Version of Dafabet

mobile version of the dafabet website

Another great option, the website of the platform has been optimized and applicable for any screen resolution to be visited.

Thus, you’re able to simply get an access to all of the activities just using mobile browser of your phone. Such as:

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome Mobile
  • Opera Touch
  • Firefox Mobile

Microsoft Edge (why you’re using Microsoft Edge, maybe you’re using iPod Touch either?)

What distinguish Dafabet Mobile App from Dafabet Mobile Version?

The list of differencies between this platform is ennormous. Just kiddng, they are almost equal.

What can be highlighted as an advantages of app-using – the higher safety level, reached by two-factors authonification and enabling Touch ID (in iPod Touch it’s unavailible, just to mention).

Moreover, the app allows to turn on notifications: some important match has been started, you’ve won a won a fortune by your betslip and become the richest Indian, etc. It might be extremely useful sometimes.

For the rest issues, there is no difference. Same design. Same functionality. Same price (correctly would be priceless). Are you not satisfied with the mobile version of the Dafabet website? Use the Parimatch app and the best cricket betting line is waiting for you.

Neccessary Requirements & Info for Android

dafabet application information on android

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Gambling
  • OS needed – Android 2.3.3 or higher
  • Size – 2.4MB
  • Current Version – 1.0
  • Release Date – 2017, April 2
  • Downloads – 100 000+

Neccessary Requirements & Info for iOS

dafabet application information on ios

  • Cost – Free
  • Category – Sports
  • Size – 10,8MB
  • Requirements for OS – iOS 11.0 or higher
  • Applicable devices – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Most common questions from Dafabet app users

🏏  Am I need to pay to get Dafabet Mobile App?

You have to pay only your free-time, your device’s memory and nothing more

🏏  What versions Dafabet Mobile App is supported?

For iOS – 11.0 or higher
For Android – 2.3.3 or higher

If you device is not following this requirements, get another one

🏏  How to put money in via Dafabet Mobile App in India?

Here’s you got a several option to choose:

  1. Skrill, Ecopayz, Netteler if you’re eWallet lover
  2. PaySafeCard if you ever know what is this
  3. Transfer in Bitcoins if you’re advanced crypto-enthusiast or don’t wanna highlight source of payment

Any of the methods above would be appropriate.

For everything else there is a Mastercard (or VISA)

🏏  How to make a bet via Dafabet Mobile App?

Prudentely – because you’re an adult higher 18 years old

Responsibly – because you’re aware of responsible gambling and the chance of losing your money

Successfuly – because otherwise why are you playing at all

🏏  How to withdrawal funds via Dafabet Mobile App in India?

Do you remember the way you made a deposit? Awesome, withdrawal should be proceeded just the same way. And try to win at least 15 USD because withdrawal of the lower sum is unserious (obviously, non-allowed either)

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Kiaan Bos is the chief writer and editor of the website. Trained as a sports journalist, he's worked as an editor for some of India's biggest sports, including cricket and football portals.

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    Honestly, Dafabet apk is one of the most convenient apps to bet and withdraw. Once u register, u will understand why I recommend you this application for betting. I am very thankful for being able to continue betting at the same plattform, even when I am not at home. The best app ever!

  • Brahman 04/30/21 17:10

    Super rating of the Dafabet

  • Amir Rao Bobal 05/11/21 18:04

    If I hadn´t registered in Dafabet app three years ago, I wouldn´t have been able to buy my Macbook air and jewelery for my fiancee. If you don´t bet regularly, you cannot win big money. And a betting app is the only way to bet any time you want, even when you are at work or travelling

  • Munaf Bhai Dalal 05/13/21 15:22

    I totally recommend you to download Dafabet, if you want to try the best of this plattform. Although their website is really good, I personally always prefer to use the mobile application, as it is always in my pocket!

  • Fardeen Butala 05/24/21 21:51

    I am not saying that Dafabet has the greatest app of all times, but it´s certainly worth trying

    At first I used to bet on their web plattform, but the problem was I had to work a lot and you cannot access to bookmakers´sites from the office PC

    So I had to get the app and I never regrettes it!

  • Rupal Atwal 06/04/21 13:46

    Maybe dafabet download won´t change your life forever, but it can make it much more pleasant. With the app you will have access to the entire sports menu, live events and promotions, and you won´t even need to have your PC or laptop with you to get all that!

  • Krishna Devi 06/07/21 15:40

    I´ve been a loyal member of Dafabet since 2018 and I´ve never had an account in another bookmaker since then. This plattform has everything that I consider important for betting, so there is no reason for me to delete my profile

  • Binod Satishwar Dyal 06/16/21 14:44

    It is certainly great! Dafabet mobile is one of the applications that I use the most. Well, Instagram and Amazon are irreplaceable, jaja. With the app I can bet wherever I am, because it has the same functions that you can find on the website

  • Dhiraj Mahmood Sundaram 06/29/21 14:47

    For me, Dafabet is an unrivaled platform. Yes, I know that there are already many bookmakers that have applications which are more modern and technologically advanced, but I am faithful to the mobile application from Dafabet

  • Mohan Patla 07/09/21 20:28

    I no longer remember who advised me to download the Dafabet mobile app, but this person will be my best friend forever. Sports betting has never been so easy and convenient for me. If you don´t have this app yet, what are you waiting for?

  • Manish Kartik Pillay 07/26/21 16:18

    To be honest, I downloaded the Dafabet app quite recently, but already fell in love with it. This is the most user-friendly betting app I've ever installed. I don’t know if you like it as much as I like it, but I would recommend you to download it without thinking

  • Mohit Pirzada Mitter 08/19/21 20:17

    I used to love playing video games and betting on soccer, but one day my friend told me about an esports betting site called Dafabet and I've been hooked ever since. Betting on Dota 2 or Counter-Strike is much more interesting than just playing. It's not a waste of time anymore; it's rather a pleasant way of gaining money. I found all the information I wanted to know about my new bookmaker at this website. It provides the most relevant and fresh data, and the authors here never lie. Everything that is written here is true

  • Sahil Wafa Lanka 08/23/21 19:09

    I am here because I´ve been looking for advice for my first bet, since I don't know much about online betting. I´ve found this site and read articles about Dafabet and other bookmakers. The bookmakers list is huge here and, to be honest, I am lost. However, I think I will try Dafabet first, because its reviews here are quite convincing. And if I don't like it, I will just change it for another site or application

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    In my opinion, all of the bookies that you can find on this site are the best in the field in India. I appreciate that here I can find bookies that are known for their security and gigantic offer of online betting options. Since I always choose golf, I am not quite interested in football offers, and so many companies are focused on it

    Fortunately, I´ve read various reviews of Dafabet and I discovered that it has much more than just a thousand football betting options. Its sportsbook is huge, and the number of golf events that you can bet on is quite impressive

  • Jagdish Bhasin 09/09/21 15:25

    I´ve already created my account at Dafabet, but I don't understand how to use the welcome bonus after the first bet. Can I just withdraw this money from my account? Hopefully, I´ll find the answer on this website, because thanks to it, I learned about all the benefits of using Dafabet

    I am not a really experienced bettor, so I cannot name a lot of secure and reliable betting sites. That's why it is a relief to have such a great source of information about betting such as this website

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    Thanks to the creators of this site, I found some super useful info and finally I created my account at Dafabet and now I will make bets on boxing. Although the football section is pretty impressive, I am still a huge fan of boxing and MMA

    Fortunately, this bookmaker has one of the biggest offers for these sports. Also, I found out that I can place live bets, and this makes the process even more interesting and exciting

  • Binoya Salvi 09/24/21 21:26

    Dafabet is the best bookmaker, in my opinion. It is super easy to understand and there are no bugs. I understood how it works right away, big thanks to the creators of this site. It is here where I found all the information concerning betting in Dafabet

    I no longer use the bookmaker’s site, only the app. It is not because the site is bad or anything. It is just the question of preferences. I travel a lot, but I don’t want to quit betting. Fortunately, now it is always with me in my pocket

  • Anand Parsa 10/11/21 15:38

    I downloaded Dafabet apk and installed it on my android (it is Samsung galaxy, btw). The application is not heavy at all, something around 30 MB, and the installation process was very fast and intuitive

    I installed the app yesterday after reading a couple of articles and reviews on this website, and tonight I want to place a bet with the app. I think I will choose a basketball game, but maybe I will try football, as it has the greatest offer. I hope the app is as cool as they say on this platform

  • Mitesh Sarkar 11/11/21 20:40

    The Dafabet app is very well designed, nothing superficial, it has just everything you need

    When I started my betting career haha I used to bet on websites, because I spent much time at home

    Now I have to travel a lot because of my work, so I don’t always have the opportunity to use my computer. That is why I decided to get the app and forget about all the inconveniences. Now all my betting history, payment methods, bonuses and live bets are in my mobile account. It is really great

  • Darpan Maheshwari 11/26/21 16:30

    I tried to download Dafabet on my Huawei, but couldn´t find the right link. I could not understand why it was not downloading

    I thought that maybe my mobile was running out of space or the internet connection was not stable. But then I realized that the link was fake and started looking for the right one

    I found it on this website and finally managed to get the app. Thank you guys very much for giving the right link! Has anyone had similar problems or am I the only one

  • Naval Das 01/12/22 15:34

    I´ve made my best bets with the Dafabet mobile application. A friend of mine recommended this app to download, and at first I couldn't understand why he insisted on me betting on the app instead of the website. But later I realized that the app was much more convenient and easy to use

    Moreover, I have it anytime I want, because it is always on the screen of my iPhone. Also, I installed it on my iPad mini, just in case

    I like everything that Dafabet creates for its users, but the app is truly the best

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