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In the past few years, bookmaker smartphone apps have gained immense popularity among regular gamblers, who have chosen them instead of the official sites. BK Parimatch was one of the first to offer its users a full-fledged mobile application designed for current operating systems. Let's see what features the Parimatch apk has in the most current version.

How to download the Parimatch app for Android

To install the version of the mobile application for Android, you need to go to the official website of the BC, go to the appropriate section and click on the button "Parimatch apk download". After installation, the user will find that the design of the application is more simplified compared to the website. This is not surprising, because the proposed work via the mobile Internet forces us to focus on performance and saving resources (traffic).

Note! You can download Parimatch apk only on the official website of the bookmaker. You cannot do this on Google Play, since it has long been unavailable in this market.

At the same time, the mobile application retains one hundred percent of the functionality of a full-fledged site. Also, significant updates are released on an ongoing basis to improve the already excellently working software. True, this requires a phone that is far from the latest model. On older devices, the application often crashes, slows down, or simply stops running. This must be taken into account because, in betting, the load time of the page with information often plays a decisive role.

Parimatch application installation instructions

  • Installing the application in question is as easy as possible. To do this, visit the official website of the bookmaker.
  • Download a special installation file for your mobile device. It is only important to choose the right operating system.
  • Follow the specific installation procedure for a particular OS. The whole process should take about a couple of minutes.
  • You can start betting on sports events.

The only caveat is the need to go through the authorization of an existing account. If the new player does not yet have his own account, you can create it only on the official website of the bookmaker.

Parimatch mobile site

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The Parimatch apk is a light version of the official website of the world-famous bookmaker. It absolutely meets not only the generally accepted rules of network betting but also all the needs of modern online betting participants.

PariMatch Mobile is a website designed for use on tablets or smartphones. The presented menu consists of several categories:

  • refill;
  • profile verification;
  • registration of a personal account;
  • step-by-step instructions on how to place bets;
  • withdrawal of accumulated funds.

Also, here you can download the official Parimatch app of the same name. To install it on your device, you need to click on the corresponding button with the name of the operating system located at the top of the main page. The application has a large number of advantages, one of which is the ability to place bets anytime, anywhere, subject to the availability of the Internet.

Why is it better to place bets through the app

The application provides users with all the features that the official website of this bookmaker can boast of. In particular, each player will always have access to:

  1. Bets on any sporting events covered by the bookmaker.
  2. Statistical data concerning both his own activities and the success of a particular club, player, and so on.
  3. Personal cabinet of the game account.
  4. Monetary transactions.
  5. Bonus offers.
  6. Contact support.
  7. Topical sports news.

In fact, everyone gets at their complete disposal a portable version of the site, which has a different, adapted to smartphones, shell, as well as equipped with additional buns in the form of notifications and so on.

In addition to all of the above, we can highlight the following features of the Parimatch app for Android:

  • All thematic sections of the application are located in the vertical menu.
  • A minimalist design devoid of any embellishments and unnecessary options.
  • Settings and personal accounts are located in the bottom menu.
  • Sections with game sections are located at the top.
  • Most importantly, the mobile application allows everyone to bet on sports, anytime, anywhere.

Downloading and installing Parimatch app on iOS

It is very easy to download Pari Match to your phone running on the iOS operating system. To do this, simply visit the official website of the bookmaker by clicking on a special link. Alternatively, find the program in the App Store. Then a quick installation will follow, and in a couple of minutes, the new player will be able to plunge one hundred percent into the world of betting on sports events. At the same time, for full use, the phone must have an iOS system updated to version 9.0 or higher.

Visually, a mobile application for apple gadgets is not much different from similar software for Android. There are only minor design nuances that are typical for all software products designed for Apple electronics. For the rest, the player has access to all possible lines, personal accounts, information fields, and so on. There are several indisputable advantages of the functionality of the application in question:

  • Simple download and installation procedure.
  • Quick access to rates, as everything you need is at hand.
  • Optimized for use on a touch screen.
  • Complete repetition of the site's functionality.
  • It is important to note that the developers did not provide for the function of registering a new account. This will have to be done through a full-fledged website.

Most common questions from Parimatch app users

🏏  How to download the Parimatch app for Android for free?

The latest version of the mobile application is always waiting for you on the official website of BC Parimatch, or in the App Store and Play Market. If the program is already installed on a smartphone, then update notifications should come automatically.

🏏  How is the application installed on Android?

Parimatch installation is simple and convenient. You shouldn't have any questions or difficulties, because everything is as clear as possible.

🏏  Why is it more convenient to place bets through the Parimatch app?

The mobile version of the Pari-Match website and special mobile applications are an excellent opportunity to place bets on sports anywhere and anytime, having a device with Internet access at hand. These two reasons can explain the popularity of mobile betting at Parimatch - the convenience and guarantee of access to the bookmaker's website.

🏏  Can I download the Parimatch app for iOS?

Of course yes. Many players want to download the Parimatch app for iPhone because of a number of its advantages:

  1. Quick access to the functionality of the BC.
  2. Less load on the mobile device in comparison with the BC version in the browser.
  3. Convenient interface.
  4. Bets from anywhere in the world in several actions.
  5. The ability to use the Cash out function (early settlement at the rate).

🏏  How to install the Parimatch app on iPhone?

To download the Paris Match application to your iPhone, you need to go to the “Mobile application” category from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, open the mobile version of the bookmaker's website, and click the “Download” button, which depicts the corporate logo of Apple.

🏏  How to sign in to the Parimatch app?

To gain access to the full functionality of the utility, you need to create an account in the BC. During this procedure, we indicate:

  • Phone number.
  • Date of birth.
  • E-mail.
  • Password (8 characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters).

Having entered the data, we agree with the rules of the bookmaker and click on the "Register" button. Then on the site, you need to confirm the action by entering the code from the SMS (the system sends it to your mobile within a minute).

🏏  Why is Parimatch popular in India?

There are not many bookmakers on the Internet that you can trust unconditionally. Unfortunately, there are a lot of foreign companies and dubious organizations. Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, it is important to analyze the reputation of the organization. One of the leaders in the rating of bookmakers in India is PariMatch, whose advertising campaign is known to everyone. Everyone has a high chance of making more money and winning the maximum. High odds, stable payouts are just a small fraction of the advantages that the bookmaker "PariMatch" has.

Kiaan Bos

Kiaan Bos is the chief writer and editor of the website. Trained as a sports journalist, he's worked as an editor for some of India's biggest sports, including cricket and football portals.

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  • Hanuman Maheshwari 04/28/21 19:22

    I can't say anything bad about Parimatch app. But I also cannot say that this is the best mobile platform to place bets online. Yes, it's a good app, but I installed a few more on my smartphone just in case

  • Ajay Hk 04/30/21 10:22

    Hi good in app 👌

  • Pradeep 04/30/21 14:54

    Very good app lucky app

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    App is fantastic..

  • Nakul Koushtubh Sem 05/11/21 18:55

    My dad advised me to install Parimatch, and I am immensely grateful to him. Yes, we are a family of online betting fans and we are not ashamed of it. Quite the opposite. The money that we earn from betting, few people earn on a regular office job

  • Primabahs 05/14/21 04:17


  • Sid Pratap Soman 05/14/21 19:39

    Yesterday I finally downloaded the Parimatch apk and I already really like this app

    It is really cool, very convenient, there are a lot of cool features and there are even bonuses for mobile users

  • Kamlesh Krishnan 05/24/21 21:50

    If you've been looking for the biggest fan of the Parimatch app, hello it's me

    I've been using it for two or three months but still can't find anything to complain to the support hahaha

  • Razan mia 05/28/21 18:07

    I like parimatch

  • Peter Thakkar 06/04/21 13:48

    The moment I hit the magic Parimatch download button, my life hasn't changed, of course. However, the bets have become much nicer, more emotional and more profitable.

    Thanks to my friend who made me download this app!

  • Dhiraj Kadakia 06/07/21 15:40

    Thank goodness that last year I came across the parimatch casino app. Otherwise, I don't know what I would have been doing during the lockdown. I live in Europe, and everything is closed with us, and if it does open, then not for long. Games and betting are my main and perhaps the only great joy

  • Tabeed Sura 06/16/21 14:44

    Yes, I did it! I downloaded the Parimatch application, although I denied it for a long time and argued that there is nothing more convenient than betting on sports on a normal large website. I'm not giving up on my words, of course, but I definitely like the app

  • John Atul Mital 06/29/21 14:47

    I couldn't find Parimatch in the Google Play store, but my friend advised me to download it on the bookmaker's official website, and it worked right the first time. I quickly registered, put some money on the deposit and have been enjoying betting in this application for five months now.

  • Ratan Narine 07/09/21 20:29

    I would like to share my experience of betting in parimatch. Of course, I do not consider myself an expert in this field, God forbid, but why not share my impressions with newcomers like me? In a nutshell, this is a gorgeous app with a trendy design, cool features, a bunch of popular ways to withdraw money and, of course, live broadcasts!

  • Azhar Bath 07/26/21 16:18

    Just in case, this is not an advertisement! Nobody paid me. Although they could hahah. I voluntarily downloaded the Parimatch android app, so my opinion is unbiased. This is a cool application, it does not lag, nothing breaks in it, and all pages are loaded in a couple of seconds. The design is also cool, but the same as on the website

  • Arvind Shroff 08/19/21 20:18

    Downloading the Parimatch app was my best decision. I don't need my computer anymore, because the app gave me freedom hahaha. Now I can bet when I am going to the office, sitting bored at a meeting or waiting for my flight. I can find everything I need in the application: live bets, special types of bets like Eurovision or political events, unique payment methods, extra bonuses and many other benefits. Although at first I had doubts about this bookmaker, because I´d never tried it, now I am completely sure that it is great

  • Taahid Sarma 08/23/21 19:10

    I wouldn't say that Parimatch is my favorite bookmaker, but it is good. I discovered it after reading an article on this website and decided to try its app and the website. Both platforms are great, but for me the app is much easier to use. The betting process is very quick and pleasant, so there is no chance for you to leave it unsatisfied. I think every bettor will find something exciting about this bookmaker

  • Atul Bhalla 08/30/21 19:25

    Parimatch is a really cute and tasteful app that I immediately installed on my iPhone. I also have an android but the first link I found was for downloading the iphone apk, so until now I've only had experience with the iOS application

    Although I am pretty sure that the one designed for Android smartphones and tablets is also very cool. My app has all the functions that you can find on a website, but they are much easier to use, because they are presented in a smaller version, and you can have everything on your screen wherever you go

  • Sai Bedi 09/09/21 15:26

    Parimatch offers the most popular sports for betting, and it is not just football, as you might think? There are dozens of disciplines, and the majority of them also have live options

    Although I prefer classic bets, I know that there are many bettors that like to gain money here and now. So if you are one of them, you may like the offer. And the most pleasant thing is that you can find all this variety not only on the website, but also in the app

  • Somnath Taneja 09/17/21 17:21

    It is a superb application, top-notch for me! Parimatch app works fast and I bet on it without worries or doubts. If you have just a little experience in betting, you might already know that this bookmaker is reliable and trustworthy

    You can see how much they care about their customers in every single detail: the functional design of the website, an impressive variety of promo codes they provide, many excellent payment methods, etc. I would recommend this bookmaker and especially its app to everyone