What the successfull betting means? Amazing emotions during the process of watching favourite sports game? A chance to spend your freetime desirably? The highest level of convenience and confident during the process?

100 $
Minimum deposit
1 $
125 $
Minimum deposit
10 $
125 $
Minimum deposit
10 $
30 $
Minimum deposit
5 $
20 $
Minimum deposit
10 $

Frankly, all these option at the same time. During the last decade a giant part of the bettors community moved from offline betting points to online world of gaming. Thence, we switched to mobile phone and tablets, because the have become indispensable assistors in our life and they pretty compactable, so we’re able to bring them along to the university, job place or going to the pub on Fridays. But what if your favourite cricket team is playing at that moment and you wish to try your luck?

Exactly, pick up your phone and support your team directly from your mobile. Stay confused in the widest range of variability of application are offered for you in the market? Trust ourself, we conducted our personal research and now will share the results. We highly recommend you to make cricket bets through Dafabet app, download and install it on your phone.

How to decide which of the app to use for betting on IPL?

IPL Cricket Betting via Mobile App

In order to decide what the betting apps india is most suitable for you to bet on cricket matches as Indian Premier League or others, pay attention on several issues while choosing.

The first one, is the app accessibility. Because online betting apps in india officially prohibited, the process of downloading it might tend you to face some difficulties. However, with our website it won’t be a problem more. You’re availible to choose the suitable one and download it directly from the website. The step-by-step tutorial you can find beside the direct app’s page.

The second one, is visceral user-interface with allows you to get the information that you need and doesn’t bother you with extra alarms.

Third one issue connected with the amount of welcome bonus offered by the app’s provider and general rules of money transfering – how long it takes to deposit or withdrawal, is there a chance that you would face a fraud with money outputting, etc.

The last one issue depends on the wideness of the sportbook on cricket and the amount of tournaments and leagues availible. No doubt, that ipl betting apps extremely interesting and exciting tournament, that’s because it so in favor. But there are another one’s which also have to be presented.

For instance, for the situation that there is no nearest events in your favourite league, but the willigness to try your luck doesn’t leave you. For wagering on cricket we suggest 4raBet app, here you'd be able to wager on soccer and other kinds of sports.

Application for Betting on Android

Android betting mobile apps

Any app without exception in our list are applicable to such type of OS and has developed separate application. Redrettably, you won’t find it in PlayMarket, because it’s very likely that it’s banned. Despite that nasty and obnoxious fact, there is a way out. Simple way out. Just download it from this site in form of .apk file.

You gadget might tell you that there is no permition to. do that from sources that it doesn’t know. But how’s here a chief and a big player? Solving this challenge proceeded by next steps:

  1. In the «Settings» where you move the first
  2. Get in «Privacy» immersed
  3. Next to tap on «Safety» zone
  4. «Permit download from sources unknown»

Application for Betting on iOS

IOS betting mobile apps

The equal circumstances supposed to happen even if you are using production on iOS system platform. It may be prohibited in Indian AppStore. More precisely, it’s gonna be prohobited. The way out is existing either, but it’s not the same as to Android one. It’s a little bit more complient.

You have to change the region of presence. Wait, you do not need to pack your suicase and buy a tickets, the region of presence in your AppStore to change would be unough. How to do that?

  1. Move to «Settings» of your phone
  2. Highest tab you’d get thrown
  3. «iTunesStore» —> your «Apple ID»
  4. Change the region from to be

As a variant of region might be choosen United Kingdom or Cyprus, anywhere where the apps are allowed. Once you’ll download the app, feel free to change everything back to India, recently downloaded application won’t be deleted. Not every bookie offers for players mobile application for iPhone, but we can suggest who does - mobile app 1xBet is available for iOS.

The Best Betting Apps in India

Top Sports Betting Apps in India

After we have conducted our research, there’ve been highlighted the most suitable and wonderful applications for wagering on football for you to choose – any of the app from list below are tested, realible and also includes cricket betting apps in their sportsbook (in case you’d be bothered from football).

#1 1xBet
#2 Betway
#3 Bet365
#4 Betfair
#5 Dafabet
#6 Unibet
#7 4raBet
#8 William Hill
#9 Paddy Power
#10 12Bet

TOP-5 Mobile Apps for Betting

Let us introduce a TOP-5 list of betting apps in India.

#1 1xBet
#2 William Hill
#3 Paddy Power
#4 Betway
#5 Betfair

What we were guiden by when have choosen out TOP-5

Our experience combined with fair and honest research work, supplemented by trying the whole of the existing players, have allowed to underline the key options a perfect application for gaming must follow. Let us introduce them for you, dear punter.

Odds Level – no doubt, the principal criteria for every player is the odds, because where they higher, the profit is greater, so the satisfaction is on the brinkest level.

Interface – one more crucial criteria, because the perfect app is gonna be easy to get used to even to players who are unfamiliar with electronic devices. And where the ads are overloaded, it is killing the lucks.

Top 5 Cricket & Sports Betting Apps

Siplicity of installation – including here a memory capacity requirements, a minimum OS version of your device, etc.

Dynamic and fast-loading – while you’re playing on the professional level and every second is in count, it stands out from the crowd.

The company stays behind – the level of fairness, speed of payments and reputation beyond community have been taken into account.


❔  What is the betting app?

A little Vegas in your pocket, where dreams come true and wheel of furtune make you feel alive

❔  How does the betting app work?

We all able to predict the future – sometimes in wrong way, sometimes in right.

In the betting app to able to make your prediction valuble: if you would right – you’d get the profit, if you would wrong – try another time more smartly

❔  What’s app for cricket is the best?

In every app from our TOP-5 list to cricket has been paid a special attention and via any of the app the bets become more luckyly. It’s like a God – impossible to check, but neccessarly to believe

❔  What’s the app has the best odds?

It’s hardly to distinguish particular one, because odd aren’t stable. But you can be sure, that every from TOP-5 llst has the odds-level greater then average

❔  What betting App can be installed on Andoid?

The all apps presented above are applicable to Android and they all are about betting. Wanna know how to install? Read the article, all answers are hidden there

❔  What betting App can be installed on iOS?

All that are applicable on Android, have an equal version on iOS. All of mentioned in article. Read it and you’d be aware how to install. And have your mood impoved, maybe

❔  How to download the app for betting on Android?

For free. No others ways.

❔  How to download the app for betting on iOS?

For free. No comissions or paid subscriptions as you used to. Agree, it’s strange for iOS apps.

❔  How to install the app for betting on Android?

Easily, fastly. Just read above – everything were covered

❔  How to install the app for betting on iOS?

Immediately. How to proceed it have mentioned higher. Look higher